How I edit my Instagram pictures?


I got so many questions about how i edit my instagram pictures that i thought i write a post about it.

The most important advice i can give you is to take your photos in natural daylight, i always make my flatlays in our livingroom next to a window.

I take most of my pictures with my iPhone and i edit them most of the time only with two apps: Lightroom and Snapseed.



Here is a before and after picture:

I always start with Lightroom. With this app you can achieve a beautiful overall light and brightness on your pictures and you can reduce shadows and black tones. I don’t have an exact number I go for cause all of the pictures are different but here you can see that I increased “Light”, “Exposure”, “Shadows” and “Blacks” and it constantly transformed the picture.

Then I go to “Color” and I increase the pinky tones on the picture and add a tiny bit of Vibrance. If you tap on that colorful circle at the corner (“Mix”), you can play with the different colors. As you all know I have a thing with pink so I usually increase the saturation of pink here too.

Then I go to Snapseed, and here you have again endless options, for this picture I used only two. I use “Brush” quite often, you can selectively change the Saturation and Exposure on the objects you tap on (here you can see that the tulips are more saturated after I used the brush tool on them) .“Healing” is another favorite tool of mine, i made the bubbles disappear from my waffle with it by just tapping on them.

That is all I did for this picture, i hope I could help 🙂
There are so many options in both app that I could write a whole other post about them, if you are interested let me know in the comments and i will be happy to write some more posts about how to use these apps 🙂

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