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This year I visited Tehran for the 3rd time and I would like to share with you some of my favorite places in this amazing city.


Azadi Tower

If you google Tehran chances are huge that you see a picture of the Azadi or Milad tower, so I also start my post with this two famous landmarks. The Azadi tower is a huge monument built in 1966 in commemoration of the 2500th year of the foundation of the Imperial State of Iran and it was originally named the King’s Memorial in honor of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. After the iranian revolution in 1979 it was renamed to Freedom tower or in persian Azadi tower. I like this place cause the park around the monument, the Azadi Square is always filled with lot of pretty flowers.


Milad Tower

The Milad Tower is the 6th tallest tower in the word and its elevator goes up by 7 m/s. You can see the whole city from the top and you can have a coffee with a wonderful view in on of the coffeeshops.


Tabiat Bridge

The Tabiat Bridge or Nature bridge is a largest pedestrian overpass in Tehran with a beautiful view to the city and the mountains. It was designed in 2010 by a 26 year old woman (Leila Araghian) who won a competition for the design of a bridge to connect two parks which were separated by the highway.


Vali-e-Asr Avenue

You can find many colorful stairs and beautiful streetart on the Vali-e Asr Avenue, this is the longest street in the Middle East (17,9 km). You can find these very instagramable stairs around the middle of the avenue.



Bam-e Tehran

Bam-e Tehran or the Roof of Tehran is located in the north of the city. You can enjoy a cup of coffee with a breathtaking view and if you are in to extreme sports you can even try zip-linig, bobsleigh and bungee jumping here!

Moghadam Museum

Moghadam Museum is a beautiful house in the heart of Tehran. It belonged to Mohsen Moghadam and his french wife and they dedicated their lives to set up a museum of all the valuable objects. Walking in this gorgeus building felt like being in a fairytale, it is a magical place and an absolute must see in Tehran. 

Beautiful Parks

Tehran has more than 800 beautiful parks, some bigger, some smaller but all of them are well kept with a unique atmosphere and beautiful flowers.



Darband, in persian means “door of the mountain” is the beginning of a popular hiking trail into Mount Tochal. At the beginning of this trail you can find a lot of cozy coffeeshops and restaurants and it gets really busy at night.

Chitgar lake

The Chitgar lake is the largest artificial lake in Iran, also known as the Lake of the Martyrs of the Persian Gulf. You can rent a boat and spend a lovely day in this wonderful place. 

There are of course countless beautiful places in Tehran that I haven`t covered in this blog post, but all is not lost that is delayed 🙂

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment or send me a message 🙂

All images taken by @handmadeglamour

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